The printer doesn't identify the cartridge?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
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a printer operation skills!
in the process of the use of printers, often do not recognize the phenomenon of the cartridge. Sometimes, just reinstall the cartridge or restart the printer, ink cartridge recognition is back to normal, but most of the time these little skill, or won't solve the problems above. So today, small make up for all sums up several processing & other; The printer doesn't identify the cartridge approach & throughout; , the hope can help you ~
based on HP one-piece cartridge HP its DeskJet HuiPuHui province 3638 wireless printing machine as an example.

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validation cartridges and printer corresponds to the
a lot of friends in the cartridge, often ignored an important fact that is your ink cartridges are corresponding to your printer, so the first step of the cartridge, good will determine the applicable cartridges in this matter. So how do you determine what kind of ink cartridges are used is correct? Generally speaking, we open the printer cover, the internal model with the cartridge, and in the process of install the driver, after the installation of the driver will also prompt the cartridge type, believe that focus on these two friends, not met the cartridge error to buy.

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2 cartridge should be pay attention to the
when installing a new ink cartridge, we have to tear the cartridge nozzle on the strip, it is worth mentioning that this process don't touch it with your hand print head and chips, and the cartridge without contact. < br / >
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the correct cartridge
the cartridge of correct installation method: hold on both sides of the cartridge, nozzle towards the printer, then put forward the cartridge into the slot. After close the lid on the cartridge slot, ensure that the cartridge installed. < br / >

4 cleaning cartridge copper contact
in addition to the above, we also can dip in with clean cotton swabs or flannelette take a small amount of distilled water, clean the cartridge copper contact and cartridge slot contact, let the ink dry after about 10 minutes. Note: the cartridge can't drying time is too long, less than 30 minutes.


5 restart printer and a method of everyone tried is normal boot, waiting for the machine in place, unplug the power cord, wait for 3 minutes or so, take the power cord back again, restart the printer.

if the above methods are invalid, so suggest preferred replacement cartridges for testing, if the replacement cartridges is invalid, it needs to guarantee the printer. It is worth mentioning that when clean the cartridge, do not wipe the cartridge nozzle at the bottom of the part, wipe the nozzle part can damage the cartridge. Also please note that don't let the children touch the new or used cartridges. Hope the above method can help to you.
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