The pos no one want to? See this article, a day can hold 100 POS machine!

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
POS current market competition is intense, but want to sell or have a lot of methods to choose from, it's dogged that does it! You have made the following I don't believe a word you don't sell.
besides WeChat circle of friends, and the following channels:

1, car 2, run the counterpart
3, roll up
4, sent leaflets ( Subway, cinema, business circle in short flow greatly)

5, exchange meeting in June and stalls

7, government affairs center, electric pin
9, 8 devoted to worship the
10, APP promotion
11, sweep the floor 12, send gifts

14, 13
15 mass text messages, voice group call 16 17, newspaper ads, running peer
( Cars and stop can also, according to the personal money) 18, the road sign

19, 20, taxi advertising

send balloons 22, 21, sent bags

send fan 23, send the mouse pad 24, run the car,

25, run salon nail salon
26, running club
27, running bath center

28, run hotel 29, village 30, LED light boxes advertising a

31, BBS, 32, baidu post bar,

33, bottled water,
34, railings,
35, competitions,
36 credit card center,
37, hospital sea-front

39, 38, bank staff cooperation factory gate sent 40, WeChat Lucky Money marketing single

41, weibo, 42, live online

43, 44, qr code promotion wall advertising

45, 46, lighters boxes advertising
47, cup advertising, pole advertising

48, 49, their cars ads 50, domestic cooperation (
Large activities) 51, the opening (
Send gift activities)
52, wedding sweepstakes 53, toilet advertising

54, classmates, friends
small make up can only help you to it! ! !
to do so many POS way,
final POS function cannot install out the key lies in the fact that
service, convenient, safe and reliable!
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