The placement of intelligent cashier POS machine and maintenance

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Intelligent cashier POS updated iteration, can mean the entity shop in charge sheet, clearing link can do more accurate, convenient, merchants not only enhance the overall corporate image, also improves the user into the shop, consumption experience. Julong communication intelligence cashier pos machine to avoid the limitation to pay, in addition to the cash payment, customers can choose any mobile payment, sweep the yard, bank card payment. Intelligent cashier POS mobile convenience, provides various payment, julong communication intelligence cashier POS machine enables merchants to efficient operation, truly based on service. But smart cashier POS correctly placed and maintenance, is very important for the service life of intelligent cashier POS, so specific to do?
1。 Clean and intelligent cashier POS machine, please do not use wet dishcloth or chemicals to wipe intelligent cashier POS machine.
2。 Avoid too high or too low temperature environment using smart cashier POS machine, avoid intelligent cashier POS is exposed to strong sunlight or high humidity environment.

3。 Please note that smart cashier POS after use and casing nameplate marking the same supply voltage, or intelligent cashier POS will be seriously damaged or can't work. Intelligent cashier POS had better not frequent start of electrical appliances with other high power sharing a socket, such as refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. Power outlet should be located in closer from the intelligent cashier POS and easy call waiting, so that emergency can fastest cut off power supply.
4。 Do not violent vibration, shaking or hard knocks intelligent cashier POS machine, please do not plug under the charged state intelligence cashier POS live parts and peripherals.
5。 Ensure intelligent cashier POS do not contact with any liquid, once this happens, please will intelligent cashier POS immediately unplug the power cord, and immediately notify the related dealers.
6。 If intelligent cashier POS improper battery replacement will cause explosion hazard. Only use manufacturers recommend the same or equivalent type substitution, run out of battery disposal must be in accordance with the manufacturer.
7。 Intelligent the position of cashier POS should choose to avoid direct sunlight, temperature change is not big, away from water and dust, fewer of them.
8。 When intelligent cashier POS machine malfunction, shall be immediately cut off the power and stop using it. Please do not open intelligent cashier POS or maintenance without permission.
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