The effect of qr code scanning module have how old?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Qr code scanning module is a veritable & other; Behind the scenes hero & throughout; Because almost all of the scan module is embedded into all kinds of machines. The application of two-dimensional scanning code modules from the original subway, airport, station, school, factory, hospital, hotel and other traditional scenarios, extended to the office, community, Internet cafes, parking lot, and even the taxi more rich. Small make up to models were recommended for everybody today is xing tong XT2002B, let's take a look at this & other; Scan the hero & throughout; The superpowers.

XT - 2002 b, the appearance of the qr code scanning module used the compact appearance design, more save a space not only, still can meet the strict requirements of the integrated installation at the same time. In addition, it also have RS232, USB and other optional communication interface mode, and can be compatible with the existing system to a great extent.
in terms of performance, not only can the barcode scanner to print bar code scanning, you can also express read electronic screen such as mobile phones, the bar code, have perfect command control function, can make the host precise control equipment operation, the whole system.
self-service machine by qr code scanning module, scan code implementation screen, mobile payment, so there is a need for qr code scanning module code is responsive to the screen, read fast. Xing tong XT - 2002 b using the induction light mode, can read maximum/minimum brightness screen size, but also has high recognition rate, even put up the screen of membrane can easily scan.
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