The convenience store cashier system must have what basis function?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
New retail era, for the convenience of management need more investment, a simple and useful cashier system can bring many benefits to store operations, improve its management efficiency. The convenience store cashier system should have what basic functions? 1, front desk cashier

in addition to support the payment, and whether the products can be recorded at the front desk cashier while files, one by one goods files to entry system to use the software after all have already become the past tense. If there are no standard barcode goods shop mainly pay attention to whether the cashier at the front desk can input prices or the first pinyin to find goods, otherwise unable to sell some goods without bar code.

2, membership management member management function is very important, member stored value, loyalty points, member discount membership grade, membership category, these features can bring great benefits for stores to operate for a long time, because the establishment of a member files we will be able to understand the consumer consumption levels and habits, there are telltale signs on marketing, member stored value will bring great benefits for cash flow, in all the member function is indispensable.

3, enters sells saves the management as the function of the system enters sells saves the management software are certainly, receipt, invoice, inventory, inventory amount, unsalable goods, inventory alert, expired goods fast, can't be little stock. If there are several stores also note whether can transfer between stores, if the boss is not often in the store also note whether the software support mobile phone anytime and anywhere query inventory management.

4, O2O marketing through online and offline members, by using a wide range of suction powder WeChat public platform, distributing coupons, lead to the consumer, or shop online shop and distribution products. The advantage is can attract members, a lot of use of the store features to develop the national market, make our convenience store is no longer restricted to three kilometers. If there are some special local product is especially suitable for such to expand and easy to recruit to napa stores.

5, the management report report must be clear, can from the multiple dimensions of stores operating situation, on a monthly basis according to the years by the day to see business flow, and gross margin analysis, merchandising, sales subsidiary, member consumption stored value, collection of various payment details, etc. Only a thorough understanding of shops operating condition to better decisions.
in hebron cashier system, the function of main is divided into 10 modules, respectively is: goods, sales, procurement, inventory, billing, membership, marketing and micro mall, systems and value-added services. Is an online based on the pattern of Internet application enters sells saves the management software of cashier, the cashier system itself as purchase, sales and stock, management, management, multi-level management organization headquarters, many stores chain system.
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