The choose and buy of smart cash register

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Open a shop need to buy a smart cash register, afraid of choice to the bad machine, quality is bad? Function is bad? After-sales service is bad? In order to better help you choose smart cash registers, julong communication below small make up take you to see the choose and buy of intelligent register skills!
1。 Purchase channels
smart cash register of choose and buy is particularly important, if you choose to go to the entity shop to buy, smart cash register will be relatively higher price, so as far as possible in the store to see, and then go to online shops, intelligent register online is relatively favourable price, high cost performance.

2。 Smart cash register cash register
general intelligence appearance, represents the image of a shop, so the appearance of the smart cash register should choose simple and easy, and give a person a kind of more fashion sense, so for consumers, will also feel this shop is relatively normal.
3。 Intelligent function of cash register
restaurants become more Internet now, a good smart cash register, must have the function that direct docking delivery platform, and pay treasure to pay and WeChat payment, these users with more functions, with these functions, intelligent cash register in the cashier at the same time also can bring convenience to customers.
4。 Smart cash register after
to buy smart cash register, must choose good after-sales service, general electronic goods, is the warranty period of one year, and need to know about smart cash register is passed 3 c certification, to ensure that the smart cash register later use.
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