The basic working principle and classification of the barcode scanner

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
When we go shopping in the supermarket checkout, the cashier with a sweep bar code scanning guns, prices of the goods came out. Do you know the working principle of bar code scanning guns? And below small make up together to look at!

barcode scanning gun, nickname:
according to different habits as barcode scanner is also known as bar code readers, bar code scanning guns, barcode scanners, bar code scanning guns and barcode scanner.
the basic working principle of bar code scanner
barcode scanner using principle of photoelectric information into the computer can be used to accept the information input devices. Commonly used in the library, hospital, bookstores, and super market, as a quick registration or clearing of an input method, for goods on the outer packing or print barcode information directly reading, and entered into the online system.
bar code scanning guns by light irradiation light through the optical system to the bar code above, be reflected light through the optical system imaging on the photoelectric converter, to generate electrical signals, the analog voltage signal after amplification circuit, it reflected back and irradiation on the bar code symbol is proportional to the light, after filtering, plastic, formation and analog signal corresponding to the square wave signal, the decoder explanation for the computer can be directly to the digital signal.

barcode scanning gun classification barcode scanning gun classification are: CCD scanners, laser handheld scanner three kinds of laser scanner and the whole point of view. A, CCD scanners is the use of photoelectric coupling ( CCD) Imaging principle, the bar code printing design, and then decode. Its advantage is: without a shaft, the motor, long service life; The price is cheap. Choosing CCD scanners, the most important thing is that two parameters: the depth of field because of the CCD imaging principle is similar to the camera, if you want to increase the depth of field is corresponding to a lens, so that the CCD size is too big, inconvenient operation. Excellent CCD should need not close to the barcode can be read, and moderate volume, comfortable operation.
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