The android? IOS? 窗户吗? Cashier software how to choice?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
In 2019, the digital age is coming; In 2019, is a 5 g, the brush into the commercial face pay first; In 2019, a variety of emerging technology emerge in endlessly, update the iterations, let people by surprise. In order to keep up with the pace of The Times development, meet the growing consumer demand, consumer how to choose the cashier software became many merchants very difficult a problem, now on the market of different kinds of software and more, and quality is difficult to distinguish, so businesses actually how to choose the high quality of cashier software? Today, small make up will take a look at together with all of you.
the cashier software on the market at present, roughly divided into three systems, Windows, android and ios, below one by one, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of various systems.

a, Windows system advantage: developing the longest time, system stability, accord with people's normal operating habits, can put the cash register to do computer use, web pages, music, etc.
disadvantage: the price is higher, the price is about 1 w for a normal, some old version software support for single use only, not connected to the Internet, some of the new brand can realize Internet use.

advantage: second, the android system networking operation, which can realize real-time mobile end see the store operating situation, cheap, relatively perfect in functions, suitable for all walks of life, use range is relatively wide.
disadvantage: no obvious disadvantage. Three, ios

advantage: closed system, installation is stable
disadvantage: the price is high, less docking hardware

through system analysis of the advantages and disadvantages on the face, believe that the majority of businessmen friends of the different cashier software have a certain understanding, how to choose a suitable and practical software of cashier, merchants can be combined with their own situation to make the choice.
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