Teach you how to 'play' thermal label printer

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Now there are a lot of market and the milk tea shop, etc are widely used label printers, mainly in sales faster and more convenient to people in all the goods found in the goods. But people in use process will encounter all sorts of problems, no time to find a technology, and will not set up to do?
here I teach you how to set up and check the label printer.

tag printers and application fields:
tag printers are divided into: two types of thermal printers and ink, printed label, commodity price tag, bar code, etc. With the development of science and technology, label printer to print out the product to a wide range of applications. In the main bus station, for example: a lot of people found that much at the bus stop on a brand called public travel information query system, which has a pattern of black and white, like a maze, along with specific operating instructions. And some & other; Cool & throughout; Young people try to use camera phones on the strange pattern, and at that time the site near the travel route, catering entertainment businesses, the latest discount information, download coupons, custom purchasing information such as product appear on the screen.

the installation method of use:
1, unpacking check
when unpacking must see clearly the inside of the detail, if there is any less. ( Carbon belt, label paper, printer, usb cable, power supply, CD, etc. )
2, installation consumables
thermal no carbon belt, barcode paper can be directly set up. There is a need to install carbon belt after, can install barcode paper again, when Ann carbon belt must look good, do not install the carbon tape backwards, cannot use.

3, calibration paper printer in the shutdown state, long press the paper ( 提要) Keep pressing the state, and then boot, loosen the key again after waiting for paper machine, automatic stop waiting for the paper.
5, the installation of software, drive
with built-in cd-rom installed in the computer cd-rom drive, editing software Dlabel website download and install.

the printer maintenance note
1, label printers, in use process will often go to maintenance, such as: print out a roll of carbon belt or print after a long time, the main cleaning the print head and cylinder.
2, general label paper is adhesive type, use a piece of paper in the process of rubber easy to stick on the rotating shaft and tunnel, after a long time after the easy to stick dust, etc.
3, in normal use printers don't suddenly to power outages, such easy to cause circuit board short circuit.
4, don't remove the assembly itself, etc.
ok here today, small make up a day later will be continuously updated to share such content.
I hope this a label printer industry can bring greater breakthrough for the development of science and technology, bring people more convenient services.
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