Sweep the qr code equipment have? Qr code reader which is strong?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Sweep the qr code equipment, also known as qr code reader/qr code scanner, is the core component of qr code decoding hardware equipment. By qr code scanning device can automatically scan paper, mobile phones, and other media on the one dimensional, qr code decoding two-dimensional bar code information and data transmission work, according to the application scene can be divided into embedded qr code scanner and stationary qr code scanning platform. With automatic identification field, research and development of the most size and strength in the eighteenth year of manufacturer, for example, for these two kinds of classification to sweep, rounding the qr code equipment have?

1, the embedded qr code scanner: such qr code equipment is relatively hidden is generally embedded into all kinds of handheld devices, kiosks or intelligent terminal inside the machine, only the scan head exposed to the outside; Then through the USB, TTL - 232 serial interface to the induction or command triggered and use a certain communication protocol decoding and data transmission system for the background. Subway station of the most common scan code for chestnuts, self-help vending machines with embedded qr code scanner, passengers buy drinks without having to use cash or COINS, just open the phone pay treasure payment or WeChat qr code in a scan window above a brush can be successful payment. The current mainstream embedded qr code device has LV3096 / LV3296 / LV3396 ( Embedded in the main handheld/portable devices) ,LV4200 / LV4500I / LV4500L / LV4500R LV4500 - 20 / LV4600 ( Main embedded in the self-service facility/brake machine/intelligent entrance guard/bus flicking code equipment/high-speed distance code equipment intelligent terminal) ,LV3000U / LV3000R / FM420 / FM430 ( Embedded in the main display kiosk/ticket machine/vending machines, etc. ) And other OEM embedded qr code scanner.

2, stationary qr code scanning platform: such qr code equipment generally placed directly on your desktop as sweep code receiving equipment, similar to the scanning gun, it itself has been packaged with mobile phone qr code to read the engine. We went to KFC or McDonald's order to place the phone payment code qr code scanning can directly above the payment platform, it directly as opposed to a cashier equipment. The current mainstream models are: RD4100 ( Mainly used in hotel restaurant/highway toll station/gas/retail as qr code receiving device and a lightning application of make out an invoice) ,S - 800 ( Mainly used in receiving application) , other qr code scanning platform.

in the future, qr code identification technology will bring to our lives more intelligent experience, manufacturers ( RAKINDA) Value is that by leading qr code equipment and barcode scanning solutions, to provide the customers with the industry the best products and services. If you are interested in such applications, welcome to inquire negotiate!
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