Suitable for embedded in the express of the storage tank two-dimensional scanning module is which one?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Install the qr code scanning module embedded in the express ark can easily solve the scan code to take difficult problem. As is known to all, with the growing domestic logistics system of electricity, for future delivery tank the most intelligent, efficient and convenient way to access a does not sweep into the current mainstream applications - code equipment Is embedded in the cupboard two-dimensional scanning module to enhance the efficiency of platform express collected.

it is understood that the embedded scanning module is mainly used to read a bar code, when the Courier send the parcel to the specified location will deposit in intelligent express ark, system will automatically send a text message ( Content includes pick-up code and express information) ; We need only take code will display in the phone's screen can take the goods at any time, don't have to worry about travel for dinner party, work overtime, can't timely receipt and annoyance.
in the whole application, qr code scanner modules to fully mix the code automatic identification and data transmission performance of the phone's screen, which expand & other; Sweep code pick-up & throughout; The value-added services. To this, as sweep the yard equipment selection becomes more important. As an automatic identification technology as the core of Internet of high-tech enterprise, shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) Particularly introduced can better meet the Courier LV4500 - cabinet manufacturer and code requirements 20 qr code scanner modules, namely, focus on the print and screen qr code reading device, thereby improve scanning performance and user experience. LV4500 - 20 scanning module used the advanced intelligent image algorithm, chip design and manufacturing technology perfect fusion, rapid scanning precision, core function modular design, can quickly read the lowest brightness and all kinds of large amount of data screen barcode sticker, is smart cabinet manufacturer to innovation code device of choice.
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