Stores use opportunely member management system?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
In recent years, China's retail industry get rapid development, from the point of enterprise management form, retailing is divided into: department stores, supermarkets are hidden, convenience stores, running and other large shopping mall and this year is to develop new retail formats. Hebron chain cashier system to help business super stores, lock in fixed consumer groups, by increasing members and marketing management to explore new market resources make the store is in an impregnable position.

1, the member is dealt with, and a member of the member points for
scientific management files, input member basic information in detail, the binding member phone convenient handling business. Integral commodity information can set the rules, the integral membership to determine lines can be freely redeem a commodity or a specific service, arouse the enthusiasm of members, and enhance the members in the supermarket or other retail shopping fun.

2, membership card report the loss and locking member lost membership card, can online for its conduction report the loss of business, after report the loss of the system automatically bind member account, the first time to protect property member account, account for members of the security, to avoid damage to property caused by unnecessary disputes.
3, paper printing store cashier deity consumption
after the cashier when customers want to choose other goods, this is a supermarket or other retailers a common scenario, the merchants can be staged in the system an unfinished order, the customer first, settlement and other customer's order, for the customer to choose the items after payment more trading, more flexible invoicing, flexible switching cashier settlement to realize the individual members.
4, a variety of payment
to support multiple payment ( Cash payments, WeChat pay, pay treasure to pay, unionpay, stored value to pay, integral payment and other payment) Settlement and orders, support chain stores.

5, chain stores, commodity enters sells saves the management supermarkets have a larger demand for goods management, retailing businesses in the edit commodity information, can set different properties of the commodity and specifications in detail, meet the demand of diversity management of goods; Typing in commodity information, can choose Shared resources branch of goods, convenient chain implement unified goods for its management. Scanning gun quickly locate goods easily implement commodity warehousing, allocating outbound operations such as; Scientific sorting inventory, make real time control of the commodity enters sells saves the situation of the supermarket.
6, master member consumption trend open conversion levels
through the analysis of the big customer activity and low consumption trend line chart to find the store consumption trend, sharing between each store management experience, to promote the store consumption growth in an all-round way. WeChat membership card for the entrance to the electronic coupon, low cost, spread degree is high, with super social attribute, several times increase fans customer conversion rate.
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