Smart touch cash register touch screen didn't reflect how emergency treatment?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Speaking of touch the cash register believes that many entities shop business is not strange. From traditional cash register of digital type main development to today's cities are in the use of smart touch the cash register, cashier for the hardware device is also experienced technology innovation. Have to say that the smart touch intelligent function of cash register was indeed become the merchants shop marketing assistant. However, if the right-hand man born from time to time, but also for retailers. Cash register below manufacturer bo, small make up for the share register touch when problems in use process what to do?
such as cash register no reaction, intelligent touch-screen reaction, etc. If the store appear in operating the cash register touch no reaction, to restart. If after the restart the system still don't respond, open the symptom still didn't have to solve, don't worry, you can use a mouse saw the first at this moment, such as the store again to solve this problem after the operation.

so, what causes the cash register touch no reaction? Small make up teach you preliminary screening:
first of all we need to check the cash register line of touch screen is a loose not tight situation, general touch screen line at the cash register can arrive on the interface, and common for USB interface.
eliminate is USB line is loose, check the touch of a cash register drive is running normally, if the touch driver is mistaken delete or problems, you can arrange the cash register sales help you to install a touch driver manufacturer.

if the above two reasons, it is likely to be the cash register in the touch screen appear problem, need to replace the screen touch screen, need to return to the cash register manufacturer for replacement.
of course, in order to reduce the touch screen touch't respond the symptoms of the cash register, the most basic way is to choose and buy has the certain quality assurance the touch of a cash register, particularly in large orders cashier products, need to look for the strength of high-tech equipment manufacturers, normal manufacturer quality pass configuration, is can be fundamentally put an end to frequent failures.
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