Smart touch cash register touch no reaction?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Many businesses of one sort or another problem when using the cash register, such as cash register no reaction, intelligent touch-screen reaction, etc. If the store appear in operating the cash register touch no response, after the restart still didn't get solved, how should do? Don't worry, when should use a mouse saw the first, such as the store again to solve this problem after the operation. What caused the cash register touch no reaction? Cash register manufacturer for everybody when the preliminary analysis:

first of all we need to check the cash register line of touch screen is a loose not tight situation, general touch screen line at the cash register can arrive on the interface, and common for USB interface.
eliminate is USB line is loose, check the touch of a cash register drive is running normally, if the touch driver is mistaken delete or appear problem, can arrange the relevant register factory help you to install a touch driver.
if the above two reasons, it is likely to be the cash register in the touch screen appear problem, need to replace the screen touch screen, need to send it back to manufacturer to replace the cash register.
of course, in order to reduce the touch screen touch't respond the symptoms of the cash register, the most basic way is to choose and buy when touching the cash register to look for the powerful manufacturers, normal manufacturer quality pass configuration, is can be fundamentally put an end to frequent failures.
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