Smart cash register thermal printer is not a word?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Smart cash register thermal printer is not a word?
now many food and beverage retail stores will use intelligence to manage stores the cash register, smart cash register can be an external coffers, sweep the yard gun, receipt printers, card pos machine, electronic scale, such as equipment, can extend the function of many, one of the most often used to estimate is the printer.
the cash register to use the printer is roughly divided into stylus printer and thermal printers, more use of thermal printers on the market, it can print without the cartridge, only need to use high temperature on thermal paper printing head heating can imaging, materials and installation cost is low. But using the built-in thermal printer said the store cashier machine, thermal printer sometimes also can appear a cashier machine without a word.

thermal printer can print clearly heating, cashier machine why there will be not the word of the receipts? Smart cash register thermal printer is not a word? Below, smart cash register custom manufacturer, when science and technology small make up teach you how to distinguish between thermal printer is not the reason for the word! < br / >
1, check the thermal paper. Thermal printers use must be thermal paper and thermal paper only can smooth the surface of the print. Here a little skill, a row gently with the nails, leaving black scratch on the side with the thermal paper can print. Thermal paper also has a shelf-life, better to know before buying, once the overdue can also lead to type out words, expired or not, is the same with a sharp items, no color is out of date. < br / >
2, check the print head. Thermal print head to produce high temperature thermal paper can imaging, then do not touch the thermal head directly with the hand, otherwise easy to burn. The question of whether to determine thermal print head, we can see whether the printed receipts blur, is usually is thermal head defiled, can wipe gently with the alcohol cotton, if is fuzzy, need to replace thermal slices. < br / >
3, check the printer drum. Print, needed a drum will thermal paper press and firm, if the drum of loose, leads to a thermal printer needles and thermal paper poor contact, could not play a word. Then you can open the machine cover, check whether the roller pressure to the paper.
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