Smart cash register maintenance manual! ! !

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
In today's society traditional cash register with single function, the operating system, open inferior to be being washed out gradually, such as running android system, support for multiple scenarios to pay, can be written to the application of intelligent register surfaced, become a strong support scenarios to pay.
cash register to build research and development as the core of all brands, production as the cornerstone, the sale is a pioneer, brand power, after-sales service system to ensure the improvement of the industry.

maintain the method of intelligent cash register:
1, keep the smart cash register away from strong electromagnetic field
2, the location of the cash register should avoid direct sunlight, temperature change is less, away from water and dust.
3, don't pull out plug under the charged state intelligence cash register live parts and peripherals.
4, avoid too high or too low temperature environment using smart cash register, avoid smart cash register is exposed to strong sunlight or high humidity environment
5, clean smart supermarket cash register is don't use dishcloth or chemicals to wipe.
6, choose level and no vibration of mesa place cash register
7, do not force violent vibration, shaking, banging on the cash register
8, pay attention to use with the machine after free nameplate marking the same supply voltage otherwise it is easy to damage the machine, the intelligent of the cash register is best and other high-power often start electrical share a socket, such as a refrigerator. Power sockets in closer from the smart cash register as far as possible and easy to plug, can also facilitate emergency is the fastest to cut off the power supply.
9 and low quality in the grid area or store, cash register shall be equipped with a regulated power supply intelligence power alone.
with the development of mobile Internet and mobile payments, offline and online business financial institutions gradually merged into a closed-loop business ecosystem, thus forcing businesses to upgrade shop, use more intelligent devices.
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