Single and double screen the cash register cash register what advantage?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Smart cash register is not only used in catering for the collection and management in the retail statistics, can still catering and retail, identification, security, medical, oil and other places used desktop intelligent pos terminals. Smart cash register is divided into single and double screen to register the cash register, the advantage of that they have what different?
double screen cash register:
double screen touch points is given priority to screen and screen the cash register, the home screen touch screen for the clerk operation, guest screen geared to the needs of customers, is mainly used to confirm the order information, display of qr code, the amount payable and display information ( Product display, preferential information, company introduction, etc. ) And no additional print advertising material and gathering qr code card, double screen to show the different ways to boost business information display and customer experience. It can be seen that the double screen cash register more help businesses real-time interaction with customers.

from the point of sales data, double screen touch cash register users are mostly supermarket, restaurant, milk tea shop, coffee shop, clothing stores and chain of convenience stores, etc. More upscale hotel will introduce intelligent identification function to have cash registers, such as the ai code iMachine A1 intelligent cash register, on the basis of the double screen also supports android or Windows system, at the same time, the optional material, screen printing function, chips, and interface can meet the customized needs of customers of different industries.
one cash register:
single touch cash register more application in the small restaurants, fast-food restaurants and retail stores of husband and wife. One smart cash register price is relatively low, accounting for the space is little, put the position is more flexible.
but for the customer to confirm the amount of guest because there is no screen or LED digital display, difficult to timely find the wrong order. If it is pure be small retail establishments, few shops to customer interaction request, using a single register high cost performance.
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