Series 80 mm paper printer interface is introduced and illustrated

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
80 mm paper printer interface introduction and description
a serial interface, paper printers,
80 mm series printer serial interface using RS - 232 standard, communication baud rate to 115200 BPS, 9600 BPS, 19200 BPS or 38400 BPS optional ( Can be adjusted through the DIP switch) , 8 data bits, parity, 1 stop bit, and support the RTS/CTS and XON/XOFF handshake protocol.
label printer serial interface each pin functions are defined as follows:

label printer serial interface and POS host serial interface connection diagram:

2, note the printer Parallel interface
80 mm series printer Parallel interface for 25 pin socket Parallel socket, 8 bits Parallel transmission, support BUSY/nAck handshake protocol.
parallel printer interface socket each pin functions are defined as follows:

3, note the printer series of Ethernet interface
80 mm paper printer Ethernet interface is a standard RJ45 socket - 8 p, support 10 m / 100 m network, adaptive and transmission speed.

4, note printer coffers interface
the coffers of the RJ - mouth paper printer 11 standard, 6 line socket, DC 24 v / 1 a power output driver coffers. RJ - the cashbox 11 crystal head plug the cashbox interface through the printer open the box.

label printer coffers interface each pin functions are defined as follows:

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