Select barcode paper what skills?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Barcode paper is not uncommon in our life, walk into a supermarket, you can see a weighing machine using barcode paper, barcode paper through the printer will be the name of the product, price, weight, etc information fast print it out, then the clerk will barcode paper stick on the packing of the products you buy, the time of payment, the receptionist just to qr code scanning, will know all information of the product. Look whether very convenient? With the popularity of barcode paper, manufacturer of barcode paper also more and more, but the barcode paper quality on the market is uneven, so when the choice is best can we have a skill.
select barcode paper techniques

first, because the soft PVC and PET frequently, glue, barcode paper, therefore, when we select the best is can choose water glue, because of the hot melt adhesive is easy to seep.
2, select material to note, especially the cylinder bottle, and less than 30 mm in diameter.
the third, if the barcode paper size is too big or too small to pay attention to the actual experiment was carried out.
the fourth oil, used for water environment to choose, because the environment and the temperature will affect the characteristics of the adhesive.
5, used for labeling on the surface of the irregular objects, all material, be careful.
6, for automatic labeling machine, labeling experiment was carried out, to avoid inappropriate to happen.
7, transit should avoid high temperature.
in the end, if the use of the surface of the corrugated carton has light will affect the labeling, should pay attention to this.
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