Recall lost members how to use the cashier system, here's a coup

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
When it comes to today's most popular marketing, affiliate marketing. From the supermarket to the fitness club, from low-end to high-end, all visible affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not just handed out the membership card, not members can register an account on the website. So how to use the cashier system improve member viscosity and the steps, normal?
if businessmen are winning products, before that in the Internet age, winning is marketing. In all of the marketing system, based on the members of integral marketing will become a businessman long run strategic priorities.
why do you say that? First let's take a look at the member integral benefits: 1:
save cost in the current era of a guest cost is higher and higher, and do a lot of work to attract new customers, not as good as floriferous idea to maintain old customers, service is good old customer, natural building word of mouth, a great help to attract new customers. Benefits
to use precision marketing member information and consumption habits for classification, can be divided according to the classification of different customers, provide differentiated services do precise marketing. Benefits
3: improve the buying rate and guest unit price
to attract customers to purchase the second customer integral, improve customer loyalty and active participation, thus improve the buying rate and unit price.

how to induct member?
in the past, some merchants are conscious, has been slowly accumulating member: fill out a phone number, club card stored-value CARDS, member price, but with such a high cost method, what do you have accumulated many members?
we are now in the mobile Internet era, if still offline filling out forms and club card, actually it doesn't help to you, and low efficiency. Busy in the shop, the waiter to go to the guest to fill a phone number, and might delay service.
if we can make good use of the mobile Internet is a tool, by every time to pay, the consumer will become members of your business can operate, so that you get member is more efficient.
when recruiting members, for example, do a integral activities, spending $1 per sent 1 points, how many points can enjoy different discount or with integral for now, at this time but by the customer to choose preferential scheme to promote members of secondary consumption, shorten the purchase cycle.
there are a very important point, is his guest loyalty points, not only to give consumers a discount, but one reason for the discount, because the customer payment, the store to get to the members, members may not at club level has a clear perception, but he think is convenient, and for the store, record the guest's consumption data, the next time they can just those data to secondary consumer marketing.

the layered management, find a loyal member
access after we want to do is not to make the data look good ( How many people come in, come in after how much consumption) , the part which is more important is to find a more loyal person, because every business can be put into marketing costs are limited.
how the limited resources into more valuable person, is actually need to think about. What classification
the club members? By big data, we probably summed up a set of comparison the universality of the layered approach:
the first member of a rough classification, such as membership to consumer often referred to as a key customer; Used to come, not to now, this part is called customers; To a few times, recently don't often come of, known as the new customers, and so on.
for these recently didn't come last time and distance has been a long time, consumption amount and fewer customers, for businesses, is the member of low value, don't need to spend on marketing low value, the customer is unlikely to turn back. For the key accounts and customers, maintain good will become the key for running stores. If you have a reason to let them think of you, the customer integral, it is equivalent to a recall of tools to let them to think of you.

the membership system how to quickly set up? Manufacturer customer integral system can be used to help you!
manufacturer members integral system has the following functions:
1. Integral rules set by the custom
merchants integral rules can be set up, the system will be based on customer consumption amount, according to the rules of accumulative integral automatically; Points for gifts, can decrease the corresponding customer integral.
2。 Loyalty points for
now stores to every guest software systems in Germany for a commodity sales, customers can according to the rules of integral score points automatically, if companies want to do sales promotion activity, can the customer points as cash coupons, use inspire customer consumption.
3。 Members integral discount
businesses can set up multiple step integral discount, our clients achieve the corresponding integral value, when the order will automatically become the corresponding discount.
4。 Member top-up pre-deposits
businesses can customer account for prepaid phone, and a prepaid phone giving rewards, after the customer's consumption may be deducted directly from the account balance.
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