Questions about the bar code scanner finishing solutions

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
1. What kind of barcode scanner can scan the supermarket commodity prices
the barcode scanner can't sweep out the price.
barcode scanner will only responsible for a string of scanning information into the computer, have a computer to find all information and displays a bar code corresponding to the other. Of course also include the price.
simple say is: computer + software, barcode scanner, can be achieved.
2。 What brand to use barcode scanner?
for this kind of which brand good questions I give the building a practical way for good - brand net Best reference to the latest issue of the top 10 list related brand a look can find the answer you want also exactly why to ask so trouble ah I help your query under the latest issue of the list of the top ten brand barcode scanner as xing tong content well-known famous brand was deeply loved by consumers,
3. Qr code bar code scanner price, mainly classification is?
the price is 280 yuan according to the barcode is mainly at present: one dimensional code scanner, qr code scanner, etc. According to the source points are mainly: rainbow scanner light, laser scanner and image type scanner, etc. In the manner of use is mainly: the handheld scanner, platform, scanner, stationary scanners, etc. According to the type of communication points mainly: wired barcode scanners, wireless barcode scanner; Which the cable with the keyboard source, USB port, serial port, etc. , with wireless bluetooth wireless, 433 m wireless, 2. 4 g wireless and so on.

XTIOT xing tong content couplet two-dimensional scanning gun
4. When the supermarket bar code scanning guns of choose and buy needs to pay attention to? What brand of ratio of number of scanning gun?
professional web site to see you can go to the scanning gun, supermarket scanner gun general scanning platform can better, more line scanning, easy to read bar code, can be hands free, can be set from the scan patterns such as induction, can go to look at xing tong lian scanning platform related information.
5。 How to build a small supermarket, bar code scanner configuration
bar code scanning equipment can be divided into scan gun and scanning platform.
scanning platform easy to use, usually set to automatically normally on or induction. Major platforms are imported, the price is cheap around after. The supermarket should suffice.
if you convenience stores such as supermarkets by scanning gun is enough, if it is, considering the scanning convenient'd better use scanning platform
6. Barcode scanning gun how to set the
the original poster you buy scanning gun must be less than 500 yuan. The gun is normal, just recognition degree is not high, up to the size of a 4 mil. Scanning gun itself is the difference between precision, general commodity barcodes, doesn't make any difference but when scanning gun scan a damaged or density small barcode have difference. Some scanning gun can't identify.
7。 Why the barcode cannot be scanned out of my company product prices
because without your product price information in the database. Qr just to facilitate the management, not only repeat code, so that even if the supermarket items, more also won't appear weight code. As to price, manufacturer, and so on information requires the user to enter the database in advance, according to the needs of their choreography database information content and format. So when scanning the barcode, would obtain the commodity has been deposited in the information.
8 models of barcode scanner which brand is good?
you said should be a scanning platform.
the current domestic business with more is xing tong union product. Characteristics of performance is ok, the price is cheaper
9. Data collector, barcode scanning gun, counting machines have what differentiation?
the barcode data collector, inventory machine is a kind of thing, are generally not WinCE operating system, touch screen, with WIFI, besides the above inventory machine software is very important, can realize the barcode data identification, bar code data processing, bar code data real-time transmission.
can be implemented in our inventory on board to do all kinds of documents, such as using inventory machine for warehousing, outbound, don't have to operate in the background of ERP again. Inventory machine is also called the barcode data collector, also called intelligent terminal PDA. How do you use the
10 laser barcode scanner? Laser barcode scanner manual where there is?
the use of laser scanner is very simple, need only trigger, aim the light bar code, and the light through the bar code on each ( Including the blank area) , as long as the barcode is good, can generally scan;
as for specifications, different brands and models, have different specifications, this is no standard.
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