Qr code module in the cashier scans which is suitable for the supermarket food buffet and code

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Cashier scan qr code module which is suitable for the supermarket food buffet and yards, sweep the yard very popular payment of s, the qr code cashier is many businesses mainstream way of cashier, considering the limit of static code and security issues, businesses tend to be equipped with a qr code? 。
almost have the reader friend consultation: display, the electronic screen of a two dimensional barcode information how can read out. , of course, is to use 2 d scanning module, namely the qr code that is triggered by automatic induction/command read equipment/normally on model automatically scan read out the code information on the screen.
this has led to the identification based on screen is more and more various and mainstream. By scanning window, especially on self-help equipment to identify the bar code to complete the payment on the link, which contributed to the consumption of goods. Then scan window qr code bar code scanning module any recommendations? Scan sweep XT201M embedded code module and its core technology, using independent research and development of intelligent can read the barcode information on the screen and paper documents; Core function modular design, can be realized with channel brake machine, intelligent entrance guard, kiosks, etc. A perfect embedded terminal.

1, using a new generation of core technology, can quickly read various kinds of screen bar code. 2, embedded metal shell design, specially designed for all kinds of self-service equipment. 3, large window design, perfect to read long bar code. 4, speed induction identification, when the scanned object near the scan window, instant on equipment and quick read.
5, the independent core technology, greatly reduce the power consumption of the run, and prolong the service life of equipment. If you have this aspect of the problem and requirements, welcome consulting xing tong group, we will provide you with suitable solutions related product requirements, we in terms of price, service, technical after-sales has great advantages, welcome to inquire.
XT2003B application field of two dimensional barcode scanning module, we can often see the anchorman JiSao code application, self-help take content ark, bus scan code application, self-help order machine, self-help machine, and so on are applied the qr code reading head. But the application of the scene is different, the qr code reading head are also different.
the XT2003B read the LED display, / the barcode on the electronic screen display, all kinds of printed media, even to stick the color film, fierce sun inferior can easily read the barcode under special circumstances, a big window scanning speed, the core function modular design, is to anchorman machine, intelligence community entrance guard qr code scanning head of good choice.
like to anchorman machine, the wisdom door, automatic terminal, usually embedded XT2003B two-dimensional barcode scanning module.
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