POS( The cash register) Daily maintenance

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Big supermarkets or small shops, and now the money without the strong support of the cash register, from the original manual charge, accounts, check it, to the present electronic era is the use of cash registers, people gradually realized the important role of the cash register. Pos cash register what is the specific operation process? And although different procedures vary, but its maintenance and maintenance requirements are almost the same.
POS( The cash register) Daily maintenance

( 1) Should maintain the cleanliness of the machine appearance; Do not allow the machine on items, waterproof, dustproof, prevent oil.
( 2) The movement wants light, especially in the open and closed to prevent vibration silver box.
( 3) The power cord connection should be safety and fixed, not at liberty to move machine and dismantling the internal components.
( 4) After the power is turned off, at least in one minute after the boot, not frequently open and shut down, and regularly check printing ribbon and printing paper, timely replacement ribbon and printing paper, keep clean inside the printer. The cashier before shutdown software withdrew, used to open the menu to turn it off.
( 5) Regular cleaning machine; Dust and stains. Display screen is LCD screen, need not often wipe. If the brush screen, with a soft cloth or clean toilet paper to wipe gently. If food and beverage industry, it is recommended that clean up once a month, so that can prevent the touch screen have stains, lead to touch the insensitive.
POS( The cash register) Daily maintenance
( 6) Stores should appoint someone who's in charge of the daily maintenance work, good at operating software, be good at out common fault.
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