POS cash register and POS machine function

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
POS cash register first applied in the retail industry, and gradually expand to other work such as financial, hotel service, convenient to use POS cash register function, adjustable, robust and other advantages, is widely used in various fields step by step. Together, also from the enterprise internal widen to the entire supply chain, but a lot of people and pos machine concept of thick muddy, today small make up you and we together to understand the function of the difference between the two.

1, POS cash register has robust automatic ordering system, POS machine has the utility;
2, POS cash register system leading loan cargo handling concept;
3, POS cash register commodity function can improve all kinds of the front desk for sale;
4, the goods have convenient among some goods transfers;
5, has serious system permissions processing and the analysis of the out of stock, seller, unsalable goods;
8, various types of sale report ( Suppliers, some, a single commodity) ;
9, every night and settlement methods: automatically according to the entire market, some of the settlement, category for sale, purchase, allocate, make you when data query, analysis, simple, efficient and accurate;
10, complete inventory processing: inventory, some inventory, merchandise inventory, suppliers such as existing query analysis view; The personnel, salary treatment system;
11, commercial POS cash register is a kind of collection professional working in retail, the so-called things will have its features: compact technique, high reliable quality
POS machine, referred to as 'POS terminals, terminal by telephone dial-up information to be the first sent to unionpay, unionpay way to identify the information related to the future deductions information will be sent to the issuing bank, the issuing bank broke down in the future, to go back to send messages to unionpay way, unionpay broke down in the future, will then have to deal with the information sent to the front end vending machine.
terminal after receiving the admission information, and print documents. POS machine does not have the same function POS cash register, POS cash register can't blink commodity prices and the status of the cost, only in connection with the POS cash register and in the cash register.
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