Open a shop how to choose to use a cash register?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Often heard friends ask'd like to open a small supermarket or flower shop, milk tea shop, coffee shop, and so on how to choose the cash register. Would like to open small supermarket friend most is the couple, flowers, such as more beauty friends around. To tell the truth, there are many different kinds of cash registers and pos machines in the market now, different function, the price also is multifarious, far, can go to a search for treasure price sorting, ranging from tens to hundreds of big.
as individual businesses or small and medium-sized enterprises how to make the right choice from a wide variety of cashier? Smart cash register and what are the considerations of choose and buy? Register the manufacturer when rich small make up with you to discuss:
first of all, you can find out the location:
when you choose the cash register machine, POS machine, we first to make it clear that the store location, you can know you want to choose a practical or luxury, it is small or large, is intelligent, or traditional? Any cash register may not perfect, it can meet our demand by more than 95%, not absolutely fit your needs. The most expensive, the most advanced may not fit your store location, huge volume function complex operation does not necessarily is you shop can be harnessed, or want to choose according to their own store location, such as, double single touch when cash register can satisfy the different retail industry, such as: small super, convenience stores, flower cake shop, coffee, milk tea shop, and so on, is inexpensive, simple operation, good, suitable for all kinds of individual or small and medium-sized businesses. Below:

second, the stand or fall of software and hardware:
the stand or fall of hardware is one aspect, some stores may also take into account the degree of beautiful appearance, more important aspect is the cashier system should consider the machine installation, front desk cashier or background management are cashier in play an important role in software, software is the most important in business, at present also has a lot of the shopkeeper realize cashier ( Mobile cashier) Is only a part of the whole system, and more members of the marketing, enters sells saves the management, set up shop online orders and so on the closed-loop cashier is a function of traditional cash register does not have, this is a trend, shopkeepers from this Angle to consider.
of course, the fluency and speed of the cashier is also very important, including commodity import, data security, whether can after offline offline cashier, print smooth these details, and some peripheral equipment support, reference, double screen touch when cash register
is the final price.
everybody when choosing suitable cash register, according to own situation, grasp the principle, set up shop how to choose and use the cash register? Of course to the manufacturer's product quality, factory strength, credit and after service process when should have the corresponding knowledge.

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