Many people are asking how much money a cash register POS system, but they encounter a lot of confusion

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Choose to open a shop business friends at the beginning of set up shop will choose to spend a lot of time to purchase a cashier system, at the time of purchasing system would ask & other; How much money a cashier system & throughout; , sometimes will meet a lot of doubt, baidu know said to 3700, the vendor only in 800, another only in 365, heaven, is this why ah, confused! Such problems, the first thing to understand what you want what is a cash register POS system?
generally in the concept of open a shop friends, a cashier set is cashier system, such as cash register/computer, printer, scanner, cashbox these together is you ask cashier system, it's not. Everyone system would be confused with the search: system, why I went to search out the software is cashier, does not include the cash register, more do not include scanning guns and money, by the way, this is the problem. System is installed on the computer or register the virtual developed service store cashier marketing, financial management, inventory management, store management, the cashier management software, is not a set of contains cashier cashier equipment of the software. Habit but everybody said a cashier system there is a reason, for example, we bought a computer, the computer is now the Windows operating system, we will say that buy a computer, don't say to buy Windows, in our concept, hardware and software is one of the, if not a body, the computer can't use. Used in the same way, in the store cashier is a set of equipment can only drive the cashier cashier system process, so we habitually to cashier system referred to cashier of a complete set of equipment.

double screen pos machine now figure it out, we say that how much money purchasing a cashier system problems. Is the cashier cash register/computer software + + money + scanning gun + how much is the total receipts printer. There are two kind of situations:
a situation, a set of purchase, such as the electric business platform, a shop can be a purchase qing, the cash register is commonly contain software, some senior store cash register is the box design together or receipts also print design, general this price is not low, thousands of range block, more suitable for large and medium-sized stores, supermarkets use; Scanning guns available separately, in general scanning gun are separate, is to set down to about three thousand to four thousand, it is important to note that in the cash register with the function of software is meeting the needs of shop management, as well as the period of use.
the second case, buy separately, which is the cash register/computer, cashier, receipt printer, scanner software is purchased at different vendors, this time the price fluctuation is bigger, the whole cheap to buy down may only 1000, expensive uncapped, see the budget, and the pursuit. This kind of situation there is a need to pay attention to three points: first, buy a cash register or use the computer, the second, buy the cashier software service life is long, the third, can you buy in the cash register or use on the computer. It is best to buy can either in the cash register on the computer to use, the difference is that using the system environment, cash register some android system some Windows, and computer is Windows system generally, in short, is to choose a can in the android system can also be used on Windows system.
a lot of people is to choose the second purchase, may also be cheaper; If not the second case, the best is the cashier software and separate the cash register, because the current market environment is a software update is quicker than the equipment, equipment can carry the latest software, but once selected cashier software integration of the cash register, cashier software conversion is not very good, can only register with replacement, cost is higher.
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