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by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
The POS that knowledge

a. What is a pos machine?
card doctor tell you simple say is merchants gathering device for non-cash settlement, can read the card, membership card, the qr code bar code information, it is mainly used for business card charge list.

at the end of 2017 China's bank card hairpin quantity 70. 300 million

2. What are the types of mainstream POS machine?
traditional POS: points of fixed and mobile
low fixed type: communication with telephone, broadband line;
low wireless mobile type: communication with GPRS, bluetooth, WIFI, etc.
phone card: audio connection and bluetooth connection
low audio card: communication is: access to mobile phone audio mouth, commonly known as audio hand brush.
low bluetooth card: communication way is: the connection phone bluetooth; Mainly with password keyboard version and the front page.
note: credit card machine and to support a magnetic stripe card, chip card.

high drives pos machine, credit card, bank card consumption, unionpay, industrial and commercial bank of

3. What are the role of pos machine?
to ensure the safety of the funds, preventing risks of cash transactions,
'counterfeit money, effectively prevent the cash from troubles change
low sales records and consumption automatic printing,
' without large amounts of cash receipts within the store, revoke access troubles of
the convenience of our customers than cash consumption demand, improve the service level
to satisfy domestic all bank card consumption
simple formalities, more convenient to private accounts
lower fees, reduce the operating cost

with glasses on the calculator credit card & have spent
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