Label printer how to share? I don't know to come in to see

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
There are often customers ask: & other; The Shared printer? ”
method to share with you today, the following this tutorial have a premise: that is the computer, must be in the same local area network (LAN) oh! < br />

the first step: double click on the first computer screen corner & other; Start menu bar & throughout; , select & other; Devices and printers & throughout; < br />

step 2: as shown, click the right mouse button & ndash; — Select & other; Printer properties & throughout; — — Select & other; Sharing & throughout; < br />

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the third step: according to the above set up, the previous printer sharing Settings have been completed, now we change to other computer operation! < br />

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the fourth step: use the same steps, first double-click on the computer screen corner & other; Start menu bar & rsquo; Click & other; Devices and printers & throughout; In the following picture < br />
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step 5: as shown, according to the direction of arrow click & other; Add printer & throughout; 。 According to the different situation to choose the appropriate printer model! < br />
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step 6: select the appropriate models, can be added, if no search to want to model, can be manually input model, finally click & other; The next step & throughout; Will be on the computer & other; Automatically install driver & throughout; As shown in the figure below < br />
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at this point, open & other; Control panel & throughout; And find the newly added & other; Devices and printers & quot; , right-click the & quot; The printer is set to the default printer & quot; , will be finished setting up the Shared!
that's & other; Shared label printer & throughout; Connection methods, looks complicated, in fact, it is very simple to operate.
you learned?
if you have problems in practice, welcome to consult our technical support oh, Degree of point bar code)

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