Label print is not clear? Maybe you didn't choose the appropriate bar code printer

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Recently saw a lot of customer message consulting questions about the bar code printer, label printers, it wasn't long before a print is not clear, printing speed is too slow, and so on and so forth. As is known to all, with the development of bar code technology, bar code printing technology is more and more widely in our daily life, have a bar code printer became a equipment essential to many businesses, enterprises, stickers, labels, tags printed has throughout, clothing, electronics, logistics, warehousing, delivery, supermarket and so on all walks of life. Many enterprises in the procurement barcode machine often at a loss, don't know what is more suitable for you, a little bit inappropriate procurement has caused a problem of all kinds, so cheap bar code printers, please buy cautiously.

here are from shenzhen vision ( RAKINDA) On how to choose and more economical for you to provide some basis for the bar code printer, for everybody in the choose and buy when there is a wise choice!
( 1) Label print the number of
if you need to print every day thousands of labels, you must choose a solid high dosage industrial-grade printer with metal case.
( 2) Label size
the general bar code printer can print 4 & Prime; X6“ Label, which is suit of the specifications of the current shipping label. You can also according to own need to be flexible to print out the different size of label.
( 3) The content of the tag
if you only need to print the barcode and text, the general bar code printer can do. But if you need each label print different bar code ( Such as item number) Or text ( Such as shipping label) Halfway through, but don't want to stop to print, you will need a printer of 32-bit processor, which can greatly improve production efficiency.
( 4)
the quality of the barcode label machine print resolution is generally divided into 203 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi. Dpi value shows that the greater the its printing effect, the better. If you want to high quality images printed on the label, you can consider to choose the print head of 300 dpi.
( 5) Printing speed
printer in different styles have different print speed, will be subject to the user demand for speed. Bar code printer to print speed per second commonly 2 & Prime; - 6″ / SEC, and high speed printer speed can be up to 10 & Prime; Above/SEC, if need to print in a short time a large number of labels, should choose high speed bar code printer.
( 6) Bar code printer brand
in general the more well-known brand more popular with the consumer, after sales and service are guaranteed. For example, TSC one and a half, zebra, Toshiba, citizen, such as Argox is our first choice.
this is we choose our bar code printer should pay attention to some matters,
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