Intelligent system what are the functions of cashier, how much money a?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Set up shop should all know, doing business accounts and inventory is a very troublesome thing, even if again small street shop, for the store's accounts are also need to do zhang. For the collection, not only is to provide a WeChat pay or pay treasure payment qr code and code for the customer payment.
open a shop is a time consuming energy consuming thing, from the store location, decoration, equipped with such replenish onr's stock, software and hardware, every detail can't ignore, all need to do a hands-on. Wisdom shop to introduce to everyone, today the store cashier system, smart cash register is how to help manage the store, the cashier system specific contain what features, price, etc.
today, has been the mainstream of the Internet + era, so the store cashier hardware are smart cash register, instead of the traditional computer cash registers. And cash register, cashier operation can be as simple as mobile operating system, can quickly to fit in as to how the cash register can help the store management, it has to do with the cash register, cashier system which function is to have a great relationship.

to store cash register, cashier system, for example, can be divided into: the store orders, cashier, order three categories.
the store order
as a fast food restaurant, customers into the store when have dinner, at the front desk order, can store cash register, cashier system, to provide customers with online ordering, order. First payment after the meal, which is currently fast food is the most common way of placing orders.

of cashier wisdom store cash register, cashier cashier, order dinner, weighing one cashier cashier, yards, rapid cashier, etc. , to meet different shops, the environment, a variety of different requirements of cashier. Meet the list

wisdom store cash register, support for multiple docking platform, can receive Meituan take-away, hungry and WeChat take-away, a cash register can manage all the order of platform and greatly enhance order management efficiency.
and how much money a cash register, cashier system, depending on their shop is what type, what cashier need to form a complete set of hardware, such as sweep the yard guns, cashier receipts receipt printers, label printers, printer, kitchen coffers, and cooperation, electronic scale, etc. , can according to your own store demand free collocation. Normally, a fast food restaurant have a cash register, cashier system, a printer, basically has more than 1000 hardware cost.
so, smart store cash register, cashier system cost, how many money, completely depend on the type of store and need equipped with hardware, in addition, must choose to suit oneself store cash register, is the best.
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