Intelligent register of choose and buy should pay attention to these problems

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
As commercial intelligent hardware manufacturers, sky wave intelligent mainly provide customers with intelligent cash register, pos machine, sweep the yard box, self-help clearing brush machine, face recognition equipment and face a cash register. According to the customer feedback to us, many businesses in consulting and procurement intelligence cash register, the most pay attention to the price cash register, cashier function, secondary development, and the rate problem. According to users of the most common problem, we also summarized the intelligence as a reference for the cash register, the choose and buy for everybody to prevent fall into trap purchase.

1, the intelligent register of choose and buy, choose Windows system is android system?
Windows early cash register cash register is the commonly used configuration, but with the improvement of the android ecosystem, the operational and functional diversity of android smart cash register can do well. And Windows to host request is higher, the android system is relatively less demanding, so in the configuration parameters under the same conditions, the android system can run smoothly. In addition, many android now cash register can be achieved in the network under the condition of automatic save data uploaded to the cloud, does not use a cash register itself memory, reduce cash register caton case.

2, scanning with intelligent register code collection, transaction fee is how much?
many people now use pay treasure or WeChat sweep code payment. In general, and yards of divided into & other Lord esau & throughout; And & other Be swept throughout the &; 。 Lord esau's stores by flicking code gun code customer payment qr code for payment, the money will be transferred to merchant binding bank accounts, this will be a 0. 38% commission ( According to the pay treasure and charge standard WeChat) ; While & other; Be swept throughout the &; Is the merchants to pose your payment code, to make the customer code of payment, money will go directly to your alipay or WeChat account, there is no rate of these.

3, smart cash register to take-out docking platform, want to have what conditions?
the first intelligent cash register software to support docking delivery platform itself, intelligent cash register before the choose and buy, want to know the register of the attached software system for delivery by single function. In addition to take-out docking platform, also need to open function of the aggregation of intelligent cash register to pay, to receive delivery order payment in different platforms. In general, the formal register to opening polymerization payment function, you need to provide the company name, business license number, the recipient, the payee id number, bank card number, store manager information, all kinds of id photo, telephone etc, can be opened. Of course, you also can buy directly Meituan cash register, have special cashier software itself, businesses need to use the opening of the procedures will be simplified a lot.

smart cash register on market variety, quality is uneven, but after all, involves the fund transaction security, so the user when the choose and buy the cash register to leave a mind's eye, avoid falling into a trap.
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