Intelligent POS cash register vents and the shell cleaning method

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Everyone loves clean, everyone regular cleaning, especially foreign business catering and retail stores, the cashier is also act as one of the appearance of the shop. See the cash register piggy bank dust dirty appearance, easy to give a person a kind of mismanagement. And like all electronic products, the cash register to accumulate too much dust, it is easy to cause the fuselage damaged, functional failures.
so how to clean the cash register is better? The ashes, simply sweep surface shell with rag wipe you finished? That's too unprofessional, let alone can play the effect of cleaning. Sky-wave custom + continues to rise up to everyone today pose: how to correctly cleaning android smart POS cash register.

no matter hand-held portable intelligent POS cash register, or table and intelligent POS machine they vent main function is to evacuate the heat generated by the host running within, in order to ensure the normal operation of POS cash register intelligent terminal. Often vents clean up can reduce the POS cash register intelligent equipment running slower and crashed.
clean up methods:
1. Smart pos machine vents on both sides of the dust cleaning, is on the right side inlet, outlet is seen on the left. General outlet dust is more, with the brush on both sides of the dust to clean up, clean up attention should be paid to the POS cash register first before shutdown.
2。 Maintain the cleanness of the shell also bring customers clean relaxed sense, to give customers dining sense of security. Use brush clean out the dirt in the cracks, then put the towel to wipe clean, POS cash register intelligent device shell surface stains.
3。 Towel is not too wet, immodesty drop into POS cash register intelligent terminal internal cause hardware failure.
like sky wave intelligent TPS685 cashier machine, adopts the unique design of the fuselage with simple line hole, can even receive cash register accessories line, reduce the cost of maintenance and cleaning. Powerful application functions is it one of the highlights, and rich external interface, one can connect card POS machine, electronic scale, receipt printers, sweep, cashbox code gun, more combined with 1 g + 8 g storage solutions, to fully meet the new demand of retail food stores and wisdom.

often to maintain clean, POS cash register can effectively protect the life of the cash register, so we're going to have a good maintenance to maintain it, normal android can achieve 3 - cashier machine life For five years.
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