Intelligent POS cash register of choose and buy to consider what factors?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
New Internet era, various industries are popular intelligent, smart cash registers, intelligent weighing machine, intelligent pos machine, etc. In & other; The new retail & throughout; Era, intelligent POS cash register stores gradually spread to every industry, the realization of digital and intelligent of the stores, built more rich consumer scenarios. At the same time, intelligent POS cash register as an offline store hot equipment, has put online and offline closer together. So in the face of the market a lot of smart POS cash register, business how to choose right? To consider what factors? To introduce the julong communication below small make up.

first, considering the demand, structure enterprise intelligent POS cash register when the choose and buy should combine their own actual situation into account. If it's open supermarket or super market, should be used to put flexible fission smart POS cash register or modularization smart POS cash register. If it's open stores or convenience stores, concise all-in-one machine can be used. If is a department store or shopping centre, can choose according to space.
2, examine prices, costs,
smart POS cash register usually include the cost of purchase cost and use cost. We could be in use after a period of time, intelligent POS cash register appeared to damage repair. So be sure to consider before buying smart POS cash register maintenance costs, the best formal company to purchase, so as to ensure intelligent POS cash register has a good after-sales.
the third, according to the operation of the front desk of the software system platform choose
if front desk software running in the DOS platform, for smart POS cash register of CPU, memory, hard drive demand is low. If front desk software running on Windows xp, Windows 7, such as platform, best more than 500 MHZ CPU frequency, the frequency of no less than 100 MHZ, memory is more than 64 m. Otherwise intelligent POS cash register for high cost allocation is too high and the cost of more useless, may also be because of smart POS cash register configuration is too low unable to ensure the normal operation of the software at the front desk. The CPU power consumption should be considered at the same time, the common CPU power to more than 30 watts, and low power consumption CPU power consumption less than 10 watts. The CPU is an important heat source in intelligent POS cash register, if the temperature is too high, heat dissipation, POS cash register crash may cause intelligence, so should choose low power consumption of the CPU.
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