Intelligent POS cash register in use should pay attention to what?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
When it comes to the cash register, a lot of offline store should not strange, today's smart cash register is also a large range, separately, the transition from traditional cash register and code to pay the cashier cashier, brush face, such as the development of the cash register is a qualitative leap. Cash register manufacturers today, small make up when trying to say is not the future development of how the cash register, but from the cash register the product of manufacturer of professional performance and notice you about equipment use.

how safe and correct use of intelligent POS cash register?
many customers to use POS cash register for the first time, don't know how to safely use the cash register, so there are a lot of cash register to suffer damage, unable to work, in the event of a cash register back factory maintenance and marketing store cashier, so how to grasp the correct and safe cash register usage is necessary, follow the principle of the safe use of the cash register is the precondition for the protection of the normal use of the cash register, so how to safe and correct use of intelligent POS cash register?

the use of intelligent register 12 note
1, choose level and no vibration table placed the cash register.
2, the position of the cash register, should choose to avoid direct sunlight, temperature change is less, away from water and dust.
3, please keep away from strong electromagnetic field the cash register.
4 and low quality in the grid area or store, shall be equipped with regulated power supply to power a cash register separately.
5, please pay attention to the use and chassis after nameplate marking the same supply voltage, otherwise the machine will be seriously damaged or doesn't work. Cash register had better not frequent start of electrical appliances with other high power sharing a socket, such as refrigerator, air conditioner, etc. Power outlet should be located in closer from the cash register and easy call waiting, so that emergency can fastest cut off power supply.
6 do not contact with any liquid, to ensure that the cash register, once this happens, please immediately pulled the plug, and immediately notify the related dealers.
7, no violent vibration, shaking or knocking on the cash register.
8, avoid too high or too low temperature environment using the cash register, avoid the cash register is exposed to strong sunlight or high humidity environment.
9, please do not in the condition of electric plug the cash register in the live parts and peripherals.
10, when clean the cash register, please do not use wet dishcloth or chemicals to wipe the fuselage. Such as gasoline, thinner, etc.
11, when the cash register failure, should be immediately cut off the power and stop using it. Please do not opened or repair.
12, if the battery replacement undeserved cause explosion hazard. Only use manufacturers recommend the same or equivalent type substitution. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions disposal run out of battery.

smart cash register POS machine maintenance requirements
although different POS cash register operation rules, but in maintenance and maintenance requirements are basic consistent. Generally have to do a few aspects:
1, should maintain the cleanliness of the machine appearance: do not allow the item is put on the machine, waterproof, dustproof, prevent oil.
2, all related power transformer and UPS to open, prevent excessive heat and cause equipment burn out.
3, the movement wants light, especially in the open and closed to prevent vibration coffers.
4, the power cord connection should be safety and stable, can't just move machine and dismantling the internal components.
5, after the power is turned off, at least in the open in a minute, can't open and shut down frequently, and often check printing ribbon and printing paper, timely replacement ribbon and printing paper, keep clean inside the printer.
6, regular cleaning machine, dust, stains.
7, each store should appoint someone who's in charge of the daily maintenance work, be good at out common fault, timely replacement ribbon, ensure the normal operation of the machine.
8, the company will to the operation of the various stores on a regular basis to the implementation of the inspection, maintenance, such as a violation of the specific operational procedures, are to implement certain economic punishment. Ordinary people for damage caused by improper machine, repair themselves.

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