How to use the store cashier system to play the integral marketing?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Cashier system operating points? Merchants system member points, if can use member can greatly promote consumption, improve member secondary consumption rate. The integral use of many of the members, business to do the marketing, integral marketing, to members of consumption value maximization, so, how to use the store cashier system to play the integral marketing? Friends number below small make up to introduce the optimal system several members integral style home.

1, the score system
businesses in setting members integral system, sometimes think, member top-up award points, consumer does not give points, want to quickly drained by the way, but this kind of practice, not prepaid phone customers away. Score points members produce consumption, this is the normal logic, whether in cash, credit card, WeChat, pay treasure payment, the member should get the corresponding points.
the integral gain integral method for diversification should not be too simplified, merchants and making some plan, can let members get points through various channels, after all, consumers rarely goes to the shop every day consumption. Can launch bonus points scheme, such as: recommend a friend become a member, some integral reward, businesses can in the above increasing reward, so that members get the rewards far beyond their own a consumer, members will be more willing to become a merchant's & other; Fieldwork & throughout; 。
3, reasonable cost accounting for
integral purposes nor too single, now that sends out the integral, businessman first will be through the cost accounting, to calculate the value of the integral, can be used with rich gifts to exchange, members of the more integral to exchange gifts more generous, same merchant's profit is more also. Points can also be used for deduction consumption, many consumers may be to gift is not cold, more like it, so can make integral for consumption, members also feel more consumption of added value.
so businessmen make members integral marketing, not only can let the members have a better consumer experience, more competition in the industry to bring stronger competitiveness.
how in so many competitors & other; Stand out & throughout; , it is the key point lies in the differentiation of business operation and management. According to the environment and advantage conditions suitable for their own stores characteristics.
if you are ready to open a shop, if you want to improve the cashier system, want to direct system to be delivered to the outside, if you also would like to open a number of public micro store do integration of online marketing. Also hope that it has the staff management, performance appraisal, warehouse inventory, sales statistics, activities, such as a strong promotion function to quickly complete the cashier, please seek optimal system of science and technology.
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