How to use the cashier software upgrade member activity

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
With the emergence of new retail concept, many businesses are taking advantage of online and offline technology to improve the consumer experience. Leave the cashier software online technology. In order to improve the viscosity between merchants and users, many businesses have been used for the member management system software, but many businesses are actually not to find the method of using active member management system users.

most businesses believe that as long as consumers become a member, shop sales of natural increase, or the development of new members every day become a goal, but those who have become a member you don't need to continue. Wait for members to consumption. In fact, this is the wrong way. Members in addition to the development of new users, businesses need to interact with and old members, can increase the member activity, increase after buying rate.
coupon: all say to shop around to buy things. When a user has a variety of choice, you discount is opposite bigger, the user will naturally choose you. Irregular activities can be priority issue coupons to members, in order to stimulate users to spend.
gift exchange: the member to the store consumption, the system will automatically increase the integral for the members. When a user points to reach a certain number, merchants can set up users interested in gift to stimulate users to exchange points, it can increase the viscosity of users.
WeChat online marketing system: WeChat opened public yards, push industry knowledge to the customer on a regular basis, industry news, such as information, attract users active consumption.
recommend a rebate: establish new customers and old members recommended consumption, old members can obtain a certain reward or integral, coupons, etc. , let the user be sales, to merchants to benefit maximization.
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