How to use smart cash register to marketing for stores drainage?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
When the smart cash register and membership system, marketing system and perfect through, we through data analysis and mining, to guide the marketing activities of the future, this is the greatest value.

merchant demand analysis 1. Target market merchants
target merchants: large retail supermarket
merchants features: large scale, the peak passenger flow concentration, accept to the new transformation of retail.
2。 Businesses are faced with the problem
qualitative changes have taken place in the consumption habits and environment, and change in diverse ways.
the consumers are shopping habits, standards of efficiency, to buy the path of the request, completely changed, and the pursuit of efficient shopping experience, receive information effectively, refused to harassment.
(1), slow invoicing peak queue
the supermarket checkout generally peak in 11 PM and 7 to 9 PM in the evening. The two hours and buying lunch and dinner, drinks more raw materials. The peak at noon the old more, young people more at night. Weekend nights, close to the business over time, some stores will shut down one by one part of the checkout, the customers and often purchase at this time in the next few days or even a week of daily necessities, quantity more big volume, despite a low turnout for a check, but the check-out time significantly extended, waiting time can reach 15 - For 30 minutes.
2, do not know who never collect user information user
retail industry also exists in the traditional way of cashier, 50 s and 60 s fixed gate entrance, with one cashier personnel, to complete the consumer shopping experience. But this DengKeShangMen, passive rely on natural face version constantly impact traffic way, natural traffic be shard. By location, by word of mouth, by the activity times have in the past, the future is the age of business users.

(3), the lack of effective marketing tools lack of analysis of the user's shopping orders, unable to grasp the customers often buy goods together, because the user never electronically, so there is no electronic member of marketing tools, can't do it the first time contact, more and give him a variety of marketing methods. Solution for

1. Optimization peak of user experience
smart cash register can quickly complete the transaction amount of calculation, the cashier in accordance with the amount shown any change accurately. The cashier simple steps operation to complete the transaction, reduces the customer's waiting time, both quickly and accurately, give the customer a good experience of payment. Cash register simple operation can alleviate the pressure of the cashier personnel, pay at the same time to complete the membership registration and data collection.
2。 Collect user information form user
tag provides member system, using smart cash register as entrance, collect user consumption habits, integrated electronic member system, make traditional supermarkets know who their customers are, bought what, marketing for customers to do a good job in basic data support & shy; 。 Label system as the basis of analyzing the membership rules, labeled, member's identity information/behavior, then label for individuals, groups, output, by marketing system configuration of resources.
for example: when the supermarket when you start the maternal and child festival promotion, with 100000 members, 100000 members in 20000 with maternal and infant relevant tags, then the notification to all members of activity with a member of maternal and infant labels inform to the store effect must be different. With 20000 as a member of the department of maternal and child tags, learned after the activity, will substantially increase the odds of it to the shop, and the other 80000 members are difficult to interested in the promotion.
so through smart cash register data acquisition, can easily make us lock user groups, targeted to precise marketing groups.
3。 Provide effective marketing tool
marketing system, the banner system support f one hundred marketing play, cooperate with merchants to complete a variety of marketing activities, help businesses improve yield.
marketing tools including automatic trigger and take the initiative to push two broad categories:
(1), automatic trigger: marketing is consumer satisfy to trigger the trigger condition set, such as discount, package, full, general is in view of the commodity or consumption amount of activity rules, as long as eligible will enjoy preferential.
2, active push: is that marketers to analyze the history data, for what the crowd, channels, buy time, consumption amount etc, to configure the marketing activities.


smart cash register can save cost for merchants, intelligent but it is not the real value of the cash register; When the smart cash register and membership system, marketing system and perfect through, we through data analysis and mining, to guide the marketing activities of the future, this is the greatest value.
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