How to pick a dimensional barcode scanning module, how much is the price?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
How to pick a dimensional barcode scanning module, how much is the price?
as a one dimensional barcode scanning module can identify common one dimension barcode hardware equipment, we live in the era of sweep the yard, its application is very extensive, application field, its implementation effect is not the same, the requirement of one dimensional barcode scanning module is different also, the cost of the corresponding also have high low. Then someone asked, one dimensional barcode scanning module, how to choose, how much is the price?

the choice of one dimensional barcode scanning module or want to choose according to the application scenario, like show booth most often appear in our life, self-help vending machine equipment such as scanning module on the XT - usually 102 m fixed bar code scanner, this high-performance embedded CCD one-dimensional bar code read application designed for customers with OEM products, it can be easily embedded application components as a bar code to read all kinds of equipment. Highly integrated, the design of read is exquisite, the high degree of integration, convenient installation, flexible application. With IP54 industrial levels of dust waterproof function. The scanner, the independent core technology, including the optical system, photoelectric coupling system, digital graphics, codecs, image processing, embedded system and a series of comprehensive technology. Common international standard one-dimensional bar code can be read, read performance reached the international advanced level. Can be provided by the company of form a complete set of application of read user custom all kinds of bar code.

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