How to modify the print barcode printing software concentration

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
In the use of printed label, barcode printing software sometimes printed label color very deep or shallow, individual customers will ask, what is this? Label print color depth related to printing density, can be in the printer preferences or barcode printing software adjustment, specific operation is as follows: 1. Click start - on the computer Devices and printers, in the device and printer interface, find the printer, right click on the - on the printer Printer preferences, preferences - in printers TAB, cancelled with the current printer setup at the front of the check, the following will display the print speed, depth, etc. Printer concentration refers to the depth, general average is ok, you can raise or lower print depth according to their own requirements.

there is a kind of method is implemented by controlling the reduction in the barcode printing software concentration control. Generally when using ink-jet printing, label or printing ink quantity problem, printed barcode edge line will slowly overflow, unlike normal width, can be used terms to reduce the function to realize the cutting line width in proportion, to the normal barcode width, improve the barcode recognition rate.
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