How to maintain barcode scanning gun? How need cleaning?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
How to maintain barcode scanning gun? How need cleaning?
1。 Everyone remember locking bar code scanner. Because the bar code scanner is used to contain the fine optical technology in the optical lens in, to compare their fragile structure bad; In order to make it not easy to damage the optical components, bar code scanner with lock and unlock function commonly, mobile barcode scanners before, be sure to lock one of the first optical component, and be especially careful, next time when using sweep the bar code tracing instrument, remember to remove the lock! Otherwise, owing to the negligence of a making it extremely likely barcode scanner drive with a broken!
2。 Don't let the barcode scanner in the environment of the dust is more work. Remember to keep the barcode scanner glass finish and damage, because it is related to bar code scanner scans of recognition rate and accuracy; If there is more dust, use common to clean dust cover paper to clean the lens of your camera.
3。 Don't use with the power to connect the bar code scanner. When installing a bar code scanner, especially in the use of EPP parallel bar code scanner, in order to prevent the mainboard burned, plug must turn off the computer first.
we all have this experience: when directly use wet cloth to wipe the dust many surfaces, the surface will be very flower. So it's best to take a piece of dry soft cloth will rid of barcode scanner shell covered float ash, with wet cloth to wipe it again, so basic to dust & other; Eliminate & throughout; 。 If there were some other stains on shell at this time, we can on the wet cloth dips in some laundry detergent to clean up. Clean up after clean, use wet cloth clean with washing powder place repeat smear a few times.
we can open a bar code scanner, flat glass clean on barcode scanner internal optical components. Generally speaking, bar code scanner casing and the base is stuck together, so don't need a screwdriver can be easily removed. In optical component we want to focus on cleaning the barcode scanner fluorescent tube: use absorbent cotton ball dipped in distilled water, then put the water on the cotton ball hard extrusion ( In order to make sure there won't be in the process of wiping the water out) , gently wipe back and forth on the tube. Because more precision optical components, when to clean the equipment, the movement wants light, and keep stable.
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