How to distinguish between three stickers thermal paper and a single barcode thermal paper proof

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Three anti thermal barcode label paper scraping resistance is strong, waterproof and oil proof alcohol with her nails paper shaved, scratch is not obvious; Single adhesive thermal paper only waterproof, on paper, leaves deep black scratches.

is three, single thermal paper contrast

thermal barcode label paper can be divided into thermal receipts and thermal self-adhesive label paper label paper. Common are:
thermal self-adhesive label paper against thermal label paper and three single thermal label paper, is suitable for thermal bar code printer; Three anti thermal oil resistant, waterproof, alcohol etc.
the against thermal label paper and how to distinguish between three thermal label paper?
1。 Three thermal label paper, selects the domestic high quality paper, anti-corrosion coating thickness, quality of a material is white, color fast, clear printing, waterproof and oil proof alcohol scrape resistance and other properties, save time about 24 months. In the paper, the surface like a layer of wax, scratch is not obvious; Widely used in commercial super electronic paper, clothing, international logistics and other river basin.
2。 Single thermal label paper, choose domestic paper, single thin coating, waterproof, only save the time of about 8 months; On paper, the surface will leave a obvious deep black scratch; Widely used in super electronic paper and hospital industry. Due to save time is short, used for a long time there will be a yellow light and color.

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