How to connect businesses own cash register, pay treasure to dragonfly

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Alipay dragonfly F1 was used for the first time, the businessman should how to operate? Must first distinguish between with and without cash register cash register originally two modes.
configuration actions (for the first time No cash register)
1, open the packing plug

2, 3, automatic distribution network keyboard

4, 5, selection & other; Independent cashier & throughout; Mode
6, began to register
configuration actions (for the first time The cash register) 1, open packaging

2, the use of special cable to connect alipay dragonfly F1 and the original cash register/pos machine
3, to the cash register and a dragonfly on power supply

5, 4, automatic distribution network with the keyboard
6, select & other; Cash register cashier & throughout; Being cashier

alipay dragonfly F1 connect USB interface of the cash register
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