How to choose the right cash register according to the industry?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
With the development of social diversity, people create income is very little choice. Taobao mall, slash youth even HongDou is the new direction of fortune, in addition to the online economy, to open a restaurant or shop entities, and many entrepreneurs choose. However, the start of physical stores has also want to consider many aspects, many operators head. Cash register is the sort of entity shop, as the operator should be how to choose suitable cash register again? Choose the right cash register allows you to run things half work, small make up will be recommended for everyone on catering and retail sectors such as cash register skills of choose and buy. < br / >
restaurant cash register hardware to do: < br / >
1, smooth operation for a long time, considering the restaurants need to open the door for a long time operation, and to deal with many customers order, which requires the restaurant cash register to do works smoothly for a long time, it mainly by the CPU performance of the restaurant cash register and heat dissipation. < br / >
2, prevent oil, waterproof and dustproof: restaurant cash register of environment often have to deal with lampblack. Especially some clerk may also order and delivery work, to avoid hand contact with water or by touch screen operation on restaurant cash register again, it is easy to make restaurant cash register with grease. Therefore, if the restaurant cash register have a certain oil waterproof function, can let the restaurant cash register more durable. < br / >
3, have rich interface: dining restaurant scene is more complex, sometimes restaurants to line up your turn, the restaurant cash register requires external receipt printers, some restaurant, restaurant to invoice, the restaurant cash register requires external invoice printer, some malatang shop need weighing charge, the restaurant cash register to external weighing scales, some beverage stores need to label different drinks, intelligence is external to the cash register label printer, cash register should have the function interface can support. Such as cashier terminals, science and technology, when the rich can follow up need to customize the relevant function

restaurant cash register software to do:
1, can support a variety of payment, including cash, sweep the yard payment, credit card payment even brush face, to accommodate more pay business scenario.
shop instructions: how to choose according to different industries suitable cash register 'dining'
the restaurant need to support multiple payment
2, can support the take-away monofunctional: delivery business, restaurant cash register can support delivery single-function, equivalent to get through two parts of the online business, operation more convenient and settlement, staring at the phone without side take-out orders, while staring at the restaurant cash register to help customer order to the shop. < br / >
3, can support the automatic report generation: intelligent development up to now, the cash register is not just a single check tool, best can automatically generate data according to the sales situation, make the operator be clear at a glance. Especially now catering business development, customer orders, inventory, sales of food such as low efficiency of manpower to statistics alone, error-prone, smart cash register can feedback information in time, time, restaurant owner may, in accordance with restaurant cash register to generate intelligent data report to adjust operation, optimizing the operation.

4, members can support group purchase verification and marketing functions: group members and means of marketing is closer to customers, such as intelligent management, through the restaurant cash register by providing members integral, full function such as reduction, discount, discount vouchers, restaurant cash register can help businesses achieve more appealing customer experience.
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