How to choose the bar code label printer?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
With the widely application of bar code, bar code printer has should appear in each company's desk, as a new type of high-tech and derivative products, bar code printer selection, use for a lot of people still very unfamiliar, especially the many brands on the market, many types of bar code machine, if only see the print effect, almost can meet the requirements of users, but the price wants to several times to dozens times. As to what type of bar code printer can meet your requirements, and the price and the appropriate machines, many people still don't know conform to choose.

bar code printer is divided into industrial grade, commercial grade, now also some bar code printer is divided into dual level for industry and commerce. Industrial-grade generally for the metal shell of the machine, heavy, the volume is most of the weight of more than 20 kilograms, use for long time continuous use, more stability, high environment. Commercial grade barcode is small volume, light quality comparison, generally below 5 kg, the occasion of the stability requirement is not high. As a rookie, domestic barcode printing industry wide color label co. , LTD. According to the characteristics of the domestic market of barcode printing and operating characteristics of domestic users, launched a series of small and medium-sized users against and industrial users of products, including POSTEK C168, POSTEK g - 3106, postek tx6, postek g6000, postek V6, including small commercial grade, industrial grade, high precision, special products such as the medical profession.

POSTEK printers, after years of market test, with outstanding product quality and high stability, and has set up a file in the user group has formed a good reputation, has become the shenzhen huaqiang electronic world's most popular printer products, a high market share. So every time booz barcode printer product once listed, just with & quot; The structure of the plastic industrial machine, commercial machine price, industrial machine performance & quot; Strong advantage, become the focus of the market, has won the most counter and users. Booz must strive to national enterprise independent innovation technology, relying on POSTEK“ To use, durable & throughout; The good public praise, feedback the masses of users, greatly reduce the cost of domestic users to buy and use bar code printer at the same time, for the Chinese market to popularize and apply the barcode printers, render to accelerate the process of information management system of China's contribution.
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