How to choose and buy self-help cash register?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Nowadays, science and technology progress, the layout of the artificial intelligence in the new retail, also make the traditional cash register industry technological innovation is imminent. Future food retail, face recognition, pay financial industry and other commercial intelligent terminal equipment will also be to facilitation, the direction of self-support, intelligent self-service register is full set in. If you want to self-service register of choose and buy, how to choose?
a smart cash register it able to scan products, print receipts, convenience of our customers to see their purchased goods price and convenient payment. Wei code sunni self-service register integrating new technology of bar code identification, the Internet of things, by embedding barcode scanners, equipped with barcode identification, acquisition, data transmission characteristics, docking background shopping system and mobile payment system. Customers need to aim the commodity barcodes cashier scan code window, the screen will show product details, after open WeChat or pay treasure payment code, then take goods receipts the cash register, the whole operation process without the cashier, self-help pay can, easy and quick.

for businesses, shops to better operate will be aware of the needs of the customers really, is when the choose and buy, should choose to analyze the data of cashier's function, and wei code self-service checkout system can remotely via customer payment for goods sales ranking, turnover, and customer preferences, member statistics and analysis of data, at the same time instant sales queries, reconciliations, data analysis, adjust the commodities, to manage the goods.
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