How to choose a label printer

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Thermal transfer label printer should pay attention to the following several points of choose and buy, can buy to suit your products.
( 1) Label printer model according to perform a decision if you perform a day not more than 4000 copies, it is recommended that you purchase ordinary commercial type ( Some common office) With printers, commercial printer paper capacity and carbon capacity is small, the appearance of the entire product small and exquisite, very fit into the workplace, not occupied area, and print effect and print quality can meet the demand. If you needed more than 4000 copies a day, it is recommended that you purchase the printer for label printers, mainly made of steel structure of large paper roll and can accommodate big length carbon belt, in the life and bad environment, has excellent performance, is the appropriate choice of large factories.
( 2) According to the print quality requirements to label printer model if you apply places higher requirements on print quality, such as jewelry, mobile phone or demands on the smaller label printing, it is recommended that you use 300 dpi printer, other wheat head tag is used commonly 200 dpi.
( 3) Choose label printer model according to software requirements on the market at present most of the label printer can only use a print language, and can only use their own print command, can't compatible with each other, if you can consider language compatible when the choose and buy, will be able to a larger extent improve the use of the printer.

( 4) Choice has formally established in China by the stronghold of the products are just to have a lot of products in the domestic dealers to sell, are likely to be the agent of the main business is not what you want to buy the products, or the agent of technical support is not enough, and so on, we recommend that you must find a with formal facilities in the domestic brands.
( 5) Choose the dealer some dealers can provide comprehensive service, as all the products they are able to provide label printers, in fact, for consumers, the most important thing is not this, consumers demand should be the dealer for a certain product technical support, after-sales service and provide supporting related products will be able to complete, for example, collocation of printer consumables is a very important reference, should be in the select printer at the same time, dealers and provide appropriate for the label printer consumables, because some improper collocation of consumables and label printers will not be able to have the perfect printing effect.
( 6) Choose supplies generic label printers, some label printer brand, in order to take profit on consumables, often specify its products must match special consumable, otherwise unable to print out the good effect, even for damage as a result, don't give a warranty, this is the label printer should definitely pay attention of choose and buy, especially now that label printer consumables falling prices, more should buy supplies generic label printer.
( 7) Choose features practical, price reflects the true cost of some foreign brands of label printers, label printer price is very high, completely out of the real cost price tag printers, but in order to improve the price often joined some don't often need to function in practical use, the reasons of thermal transfer printer is now unable to popularize mostly related to the choose and buy a moderate price, function appropriate label printer is the best way to reduce costs.
( 8) Select parts cheaper service guaranteed brand label printer when the choose and buy, should ask those parts at the same time easy to damage, for thermal transfer printer is the most easy to damage the print head, because of printing on all kinds of unpredictable print materials, or the effects of the operating environment, the print head injury can be caused, if buy one just to change the price of the print head can buy another brand of the whole label printer, is really a big loss. In addition, you should ask for product in preparation for its parts, some of the product parts is not in the domestic stock, the need to replace parts, agents often takes up to 3 months to half a year to import parts, led to the production unit of work.
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