How to build intelligent order with self-help sweep software restaurant

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Smart manufacturers catering management software management functions divided into two parts, front desk system and backstage system. Among them, the front desk system mainly provides users with order, order, hutch, cashier, reservation, take-away, succession, daily, and out of stock, and other functions. The background system mainly include inventory management, financial management, member management, ( Chain) Distribution management, report management and decision analysis, etc.
not only powerful manufacturer of intelligent catering management system, is a completely free meal management system, all food and beverage process can be done through a system, using manufacturer intelligent catering management system at no cost, not only can help catering enterprises to make money.

modern catering enterprises in the pursuit of modern management, intelligent management, convenient management, effective management, so if there is a smart restaurant management system can help catering enterprises management process are done through a set of intelligent catering management system. And manufacturer intelligent catering management system of online not only solved the order code, mobile payment, data management, report view, but also catering enterprises marketing solutions perfectly, according to the different needs of the development of the catering enterprises customization, let catering enterprises to obtain more traffic entrance. To introduce the following manufacturers the advantages of intelligent catering management system, so that we better use guest yue to intelligent catering management system to bring greater economic benefits.
1, the factory is a truly free of catering management system, not only for free, also can pass the intelligent catering management software for catering enterprises to bring greater traffic entrance, for catering enterprises management state ascend a new step.
2, intelligent catering management system using stable and simple operation, no need too professional computer knowledge can through the manufacturer's manuals to fit can be used in the short term.
3, 10 functions of intelligent catering management system integrating smart client endpoint meal system is introduced in this paper, after the kitchen food printing system, the cloud cashier management system, mobile phones selling point meal system, booking appointment system, CRM member management system, employee information management system, large data marketing analysis, data report forms system, value-added services such as ten main system function.

4, catering enterprises managers don't have to keep in the store every day, through the account login anytime and anywhere can query the restaurant of the whole operation situation, financial statements query print at any time at any time.
5, food and beverage marketing solution is a combination of online real food marketing solutions, marketing planning, binding the public number, fans, the promotion of information management, menu URL, make plan, WeChat push, in-store posters, and so on a variety of marketing methods to help catering enterprises to improve brand awareness and bring more traffic entrance.
6, manufacturer enters sells saves the management system to ensure that the restaurant cost control, don't throw a potato, not to drop a spring onion, truly cost control.
7, intelligent catering management system development team has been constantly upgrade innovation, only for catering enterprises better marketing tools.

catering enterprises cost accounting, clear accounts, customers must be catering enterprises operating nuclear. A lot of catering enterprises procurement is insider, cashier is insider, restaurant management or insider, but these so-called & other; Insiders & throughout; Really so at ease? When there is a restaurant boss find inventory throughout the mess, all right, all kinds of data. So if there is a smart catering management system from the restaurant into each leek, each of the eggs to the cashier didn't a cent is clear, clearly? Restaurant boss is coming, the Gospel of manufacturer of intelligent food from enters sells saves the management system, set of cashier, accounts automatically cache, let dining-room the whole operation implement transparent management, to ensure that the entire catering enterprises management will never fall into a state of chaos.
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