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by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Merchandise electronic guard against theft system with the cashier work, has the extremely vital relationship if a attached label goods have been paid the money, not to label the anti-theft solution, customer through testing the antenna will trigger the alarm, was stopped by security check, however, can lead to the customer, is likely to complain, as traders super cashier how to quickly remove all kinds of eas label right? Small make up today to help you summarize the present popular soft hard tag how to quickly correct lift.
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soft label decoder
as a store cashier must be responsible for the customer, this requires each cashier must do: pay after the goods must be 100% of the decoding, shang exceptional use of security label for the soft label and hard label, first of all, we can explain the soft label correct lifting operation, general soft label decoding tool for decoder, Eraser) Operation requirement, as shown in the following:
1. To determine the position of the induction label on the goods first. If for hidden place, should determine the reference marks. Then put the goods with labels or reference logo side as far as possible close to the decoder board surface, to ensure that the label can through the effective decoding area. ( Most non-contact decoders decoding area on the surface distance decoder within 10 cm)
2。 Soft label decoding must level through the decoder board, and it requires six surface ( In view of the large hexahedron goods) All levels by decoder board, the purpose is to avoid the decoding board and soft label a & other; Corner & throughout; , wait for after the cashier has been mastering decoding Angle, by number may be reduced.
3。 Decoding speed control in an item every second, not too fast, otherwise it may appear label decoding incomplete phenomenon.
4。 When soft label by decoding board after decoding, the customer leave caused by detecting antenna system alarm then decoded without success, it could be the cashier in the decoding error; But if this situation continuous appear, should timely notify competent, show that the decoding device failure.
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hard tags take punch hard
tag is used clothing store more, remove hard tags tools for the nail lifter ( The locks) The specific operation requirements are as follows:
1. With his left hand holding the label on the goods, bumps on the face up, on the center of locks with dents.
2。 Let the label close to the protruding part is clingy to take nail ( The locks) In pits, with right with gently press hard on the label of the nail, and then pull out goods. When goods can be separate from the hard tag. The nail is removed.
3。 Put the label on the nail lifter, nailed labels removed from the goods.
4。 Remove the hard tags and nail place respectively, and can hold and manage properly, so that the secondary use, don't mess with, so as not to cause interference to equipment, false alarm.
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