E-paper 2.0 And Fujitsu Has IT In Color

by:Goodcom     2020-06-24
Researchers at Fujitsu have upped the ante in the very competitive E-reader market by releasing a regarding color E-readers in their new FLEPia line. These E-readers incorporate Fujitsu's innovative color e-paper and want to be the first within a new wave of color E-readers. This gives Fujitsu the technical lead over similar devices like the Kindle that are still stuck back in black friday 2010 and white era. The announcement by Fujitsu happens the heels of the discharge of the new Kindle 2.0 and it will be going to interesting to see how a folks from Amazon react to the latest salvo a good ever competitive battle for nothing less than the desolate man printed media. These new devices from Fujitsu are currently being tested as a point of sale (POS) terminal in the Termina Kinshicho Fujiya restaurant in Tokyo as an interactive menu. In addition to allowing diners to select their menu choices by tapping its sexy touchscreen, the device also gives patrons access to train schedules, local weather, and also shopping sites. It does this through its wireless LAN connection, all from the benefit of their table, and all in living color. Machine is also thinner than many other E-readers like the Kindle and has a more impressive screen as well. Evidently this is a small test with only a few E-readers being used, it lets you represent a great application for the technology and could be an indication of things to come. The E-readers from Fujitsu are being offered into two sizes and three colors: white pearl, pink pearl and silver. They tend to be a very slim 12 mm thick and possess a clean and organized view. The larger of the two (A4) has got a letter sized display and weighs about 480 s. The slightly smaller (A5) version is letter sized and weighs just 320 grams. The display is an XGA quality that supports 768 X 1024 and either 8 or 4096 colors can be chosen. Both of them sport an internal wireless LAN connection that lets them connect to the local network for communication and downloading of content. The units incorporate a 4GB SD flash memory card to provide for local storage of content using this unit minimal storage requirements of many newspapers and magazines this needs to be enough space to a person entertained for quite ages. For navigation the E-reader has a compliment of 6 buttons and a scroll key on the lower portion of the device, positioned for quick access as well as a touchscreen display. The units also support an USB 2.0 connection port as well as internal stereo speakers. Fujitsu claims that a particular charge of the battery will give you 50 hours of operation. You could do this because of the means by which e-paper works. Unlike a conventional LCD display, e-paper only requires power to initially draw the image. The particular image is displayed, there isn't any additional power required to sustain it. This of your factor that makes e-paper the perfect medium for ebooks since reading involves the display of a page of text that is static while you are reading the page, and then changes before another long time of rest as you read the next page of the site. As it was noted in the article Electronic Paper Technology: Tomorrow's Paper', the technology behind e-paper is 30 years old; it was developed at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center where Nicholas Sheridon created a new display technology known as Gyricon (Digital Book Readers). Another nice feature of the Fujitsu E-reader is that this incorporates a touchscreen filter. This makes navigation much easier and creates more interactive menus and programs than relying on a scroll key and navigation buttons itself. These two features are what really sets it apart from other current E-readers and may prove being the next milestone for enhancing mobile reading devices attain. Currently the retail on these new units is close to a few times the money necessary the new Kindle, but expect this to drop as more FLEPia units are sold and production increases. For now, the FLEPia unit looks with regard to the king of the hill your color E-reader space, but expect others to challenge it right.
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