Convenience store cashier system, supermarket cashier how to entry goods?

by:Goodcom     2021-02-04
Many cashier system on the market, from the convenience store, supermarket industry merchants care most about the first problem is that how cashier system entry goods? Small make up today to introduce the optimal technology cashier system software in a product family for some shops, can let the supermarkets, convenience store cashier system with micro mall functions, through member of goods and information through, to assist merchants have a full range of promotional activities, and to manage the stores data for activities.
how convenience store, supermarket cashier cashier system entry goods?

best cloud commodity library, make goods entry more simple and convenient
one by one goods files to entry system to use the software after all have already become the past tense. If there are no standard barcode goods shop mainly pay attention to whether the cashier at the front desk can input prices or the first pinyin to find goods, otherwise unable to sell some goods without bar code.
open people know that the convenience stores, supermarkets, stores goods fewer 23000, many thousands, entry system is a headache. Optimal door system provides the convenience store, supermarket cashier system cloud library, sweep code to identify the commodity name and suggested price, cooperate with the mobile version in use, walk around the store shelves, goods entry can be easily completed. If commodity information is readily available, cashier system also provides the function of bulk import, copy, paste, bulk upload, easily finish goods entry.
cashier is a convenience store, supermarket in system operation, the most frequent work, is very important. Common functions provide shortcuts, no/weighing goods quickly select columns, cashier can be directly modified when commodity prices and so on.
best family member management system:
1, support member ( The member price, discount) Mode, integral card, the stored value card, at the same time support the unity of three card card management mode.
2, support for multiple members of integral function, supported by category, single product number and consumption of integral rules, can be refined to a particular item, whether sales points, etc.
3, support for integral in gifts, integral stored value using multiple integral scheme, etc.
4, chain members support across different store integral, shop store value consumption.
5, support WeChat public shopping mall and support customers all-round mall decorating style.
6, support a variety of payment, bank CARDS, WeChat, alipay, membership card, can support five yards and business, etc.
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